St. Michael Pray for Us



Law enforcement officers place their lives on the line every single day and when one is killed in the line of duty it’s a wound felt deep within every police department.  On July 7th, 2016, the law enforcement community was rocked when a gunman fired on Dallas Police officers killing 6 brave heroes.  This tragedy galvanized agencies from around the county and  it set a young woman on a course that would impact literally thousands of police officers around the world.

Liza Viera said that it broke her heart that police officers had become walking targets.  Her own father is a Deputy Constable in Montgomery County and Liza prayed for his safety constantly, but said that now she began praying for all police officers.  It was then that Liza began her mission to deliver St. Michael medallions to officers in and around her community.

What started with 20 medallions presented to local officers, quickly grew to over 18,600 presented to agencies around the country, Canada and Belgium.  The medals are shipped in from Spain, Liza takes them to her priest to bless them, she then attaches them to a card and personally signs each one of them before delivering them to officers everywhere.







Today the Precinct 5 Constables office was honored to be visited by Liza.  She spoke about her mission , expressed her gratitude for the job we do and made sure we knew that she was praying for each one of us.  Constable Ted heap then led the gathering in a prayer of gratitude, asking for protection for us all.

With the tragedies that strike each and every day it can feel overwhelming at times, but it’s in the darkest hours that the brightest lights seem to appear, and Liza Viera is a light that has shinned into the lives of thousands around the world.

From the Harris County Constable’s Office Precinct 5, and on behalf of law enforcement agencies around the world, thank you Liza.


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