Capt. Hubbard speaks to the Houston Texans

On May 23, 2017  I had the pleasure of speaking to the Houston Texans Rookie Players for the 2nd year in a row while representing M.A.D.D. During this presentation a M.A.D.D. representative , a victim of a DWI Fatality and law enforcement spoke to approximately 24 NFL Rookies about the dangers of DWI and Drugged Drivers. We encouraged them to make sure they had a plan in place if they chose to drink and ultimately if they chose to drink, to make the CHOICE NOT to get behind the wheel and drive.

From left to right: Houston Texans Operations Manager, Kendall Collette – M.A.D.D. Representative, Capt. K. E. Hubbard – HCCO5, Eric Stephens & son – Anti-Drunk Driving Advocate / Motivational Speaker (Drinks Up Keys Down!)

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