Residential Update

The Office of Constable Ted Heap. Harris County Constable Pct. 5 would like to reassure its residents that we are working hard to keep them safe. We are pulling all of our department resources to patrol and have our deputies working 12 hour shifts with no days off until we can get back to some sense of normalcy.

Please do not return to your homes to retrieve items. We are “rescuing” the same  people over and over because they continue to go back to their homes for belongings. PLEASE DO NOT USE FIRST RESPONDERS AS YOUR PERSONAL UBER! First responders and civilians are putting their lives at risk to make these rescues, do not take their lives for granted.

All our personnel are focused on rescues and officer presence/patrol in our contracted neighborhoods. The National Guard is coordinating efforts to take people back to their homes to retrieve items, however it is completely up to their discreation which neighborhoods they will be going back to as they are going by need and safety. Please do not inundate our dispatch line asking when you can return back to retirieve your belongings. You will be notified when it is safe to return back to your homes. At this time we are strongly discouraging people from returning on their own. The area is unsafe and you put yourselves and our deputies at a higher safety risk when you enter back into the neighborhoods.

If you need law enforcement assistance call our 24 hour dispatch line at 281-463-6666. This is the only platform for us to receive calls for service. If you attempt to e-mail or post your needs via social media you will be directed our dispatch line, thus slowing the response time to you needs.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.    

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