Career Opportunities


          “Some people search for the right career.  Some careers search for the right people.”

Law enforcement is one of the most challenging and rewarding careers, but its not for everyone.  Commitment, responsibility, integrity, courage, these are some of the qualities expected and demanded of those who wear a uniform and badge.  The Harris County Constable’s Office Precinct 5 is looking for individuals to join our ranks but we aren’t looking for just anyone.  We are looking for individuals of the highest caliber, dedicated to upholding the laws of the State of Texas and protecting the citizens of Harris County.

Precinct 5 holds itself and it’s deputies to the highest of standards with our core values as guides for everything we do,

Always Honor, Integrity, and Service.

Think you have what it takes?  Contact the Precinct 5 Recruiting Division today and find out.

Precinct 5 offers opportunities for transfers into numerous divisions, as well as advancements into supervisory roles.  Transfers and career advancements are based on experience, education, and capabilities, with equal opportunities given to all.

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