Criminal Investigations Division

The Criminal Investigations Division is made up of several highly trained and specialized units that deal with particular crimes within each unit.  While the focus of each unit may vary, they often work very closely with each other, as well as with the Parks and Patrol divisions.  In the past Precinct 5 took reports of criminal activity and then referred them to either the city or the county for subsequent investigations and or follow-up and often times this meant the end to the case.  With the formation of the Criminal Investigations Division cases are now investigated seamlessly within our department.  From beginning to end Precinct 5 utilizes every department resource to deter and investigate crimes, and apprehend those responsible for committing them.

One of the newest assets Pct. 5 has fielded is the Uniformed Investigator Program.  These units are uniformed patrol deputies, trained in investigations and crime scenes, that work under the direction of a Criminal Investigations Sgt.  When a Pct. 5 patrol deputy is dispatched to a call and they determine that a uniformed investigator is needed, they hand the scene over to the investigator and return to service.  This not only ensures that crimes are investigated from beginning to end, seamlessly within the original agency, but it rapidly puts patrol units back in service to continue their duties.




Other units within the division include:

Animal Crimes Unit
Environmental Crimes Unit
Major Offenders Unit
Game Room and Human Trafficking Unit

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