The Patrol division is comprised of more than 150 highly trained Deputies, utilizing state of the art equipment
to provide protection and service to the residents of Precinct 5.  Every patrol car is equipped with an
MDT (Mobile Data Terminal), an on board computer terminal that provides a wealth of information
and resources to the Deputy, including finger print identification capabilities for offenders that have been
previously arrested. Additionally, each patrol car is fitted with audio and video recording capabilities as well as
GPS to allow our dispatchers to route calls to the closest unit available.

Being highly trained, equipped with the latest technologies in law enforcement and patrolling almost exclusively within assigned neighborhoods allows the Deputies of Precinct 5 to provide a level of protection and service that is second to none.

carsmallNeighborhood Contracts

The Precinct 5 Patrol Division is largely based on the Neighborhood Contract Patrol Program.  Because our Deputies are contracted to specific neighborhoods, they spend almost all of their shift patrolling that neighborhood, leaving only briefly to assist with calls and other approved assignments.

This benefits the residents in several ways.  First, a Deputy is never more than a few minutes away.  Precinct 5 prides itself on maintaining an extremely fast response time to calls for service.  Second, the Deputy becomes familiar with the neighborhood and its residents, allowing them to better identify unusual or suspicious activity. Third, consistent high visibility of the Deputy and distinctively marked patrol cars, serves to deter criminal activity.


If you  have any questions regarding the Patrol Division or the Contract Program please contact Captain Jordan Goff at or 832-927-6770.


Residents living within a Precinct 5 contract can fill out a request for a Vacation Watch or Special Watch.  The Vacation Watch lets Deputies know you are out of town so that they can periodically check your residence while you’re gone.  A Special Watch informs Deputies of potential problems in the area that they need to keep an extra eye out for.

If you have information regarding a crime but are uncomfortable calling our office or speaking to a deputy in person, you can fill out an Online Crime Tips form. It is not necessary to leave your personal information.



Frequently Asked Questions

Is a Deputy Constable the same as a Police Officer?

Yes. A Deputy Sheriff, Deputy Constable, and municipal Police Officer are all commissioned by the State of Texas, having the same power and authority to enforce the law. This is detailed in Article 2.12 of the Texas Code of Criminal Procedures which states who peace officers are. Number one on this list is Deputy Sheriff, number two is Deputy Constable.  Municipal police officers are further down the list.

Do Deputy Constables have the power to issue tickets and make arrests?

Yes. Deputy Constables have all the power and authority of any other Texas Police officer.

What are the average response times to calls for service?

Once a Deputy receives a call from dispatch, the average response time for emergency calls is 2.3 minutes.  The average response time for non-emergency calls is 5.4 minutes.  These averages were determined from calls made during an entire month in 2014.

Is Precinct 5 part of the 911 system.

Precinct 5 does not receive 911 calls directly.  When the Sheriff’s Department receives a 911 call within a contract belonging to Precinct 5, it is transferred to our dispatch via a mutual computer aided dispatch system.  When the Houston Police Department receives a 911 call, it is dispatched to their officers and is most often picked up by our Deputies who monitor HPD’s radio traffic.

Do Precinct 5 Deputies have direct communication capabilities with other law enforcement agencies?

Yes. Our Deputies have always had the ability to communicate with Sheriff Deputies, as well as each of the seven other Constable Precincts. With the implementation of new digital radios, our Deputies are now able to have direct radio contact with the Houston Police Department as well as several other municipal departments.  By the end of 2016, every police agency in Texas is required to have switched to digital radios. Once this happens, Precinct 5 will be able to communicate with any police department within the region.


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