It is the duty of the Warrant Division to enforce state laws. Working in close proximity with law enforcement throughout the state, the two justice courts of Precinct 5 pertain to arrest, clearance and disposition of all warrants issued by them.  They also enforce family court capias warrants issued for contempt charges pertaining to child support violations and assist all other courts regarding warrant service within Precinct 5.

Duties of our clerical staff include assisting the general public computer input of all warrants received from the courts, mailing notification of warrants to defendants and compiling statistical warrant information.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What do I do if I get a door hanger or letter  informing me that I have a warrant for my arrest?
Contact the deputy named on the notice by telephone to get instructions on what actions you need to take.

Whom can I call if I think that I have warrants through Harris County Precinct 5?
Call 832-927-6755.  Any of our clerks are able to assist in checking the Harris County computer system to determine if open warrants exist and what action you need to take.


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